Clik Smart TV Platform turns your smartphone into the only remote control you’ll ever need

Clik Smart TV Platform turns your smartphone into the only remote control you’ll ever need

Clik Smart TV is a brand new platform, which comes to us courtesy of the makers of Kik Messenger, which we reviewed when it first came out here. The Clik Smart TV Platform provides one of the easiest methods we’ve seen to control content on your computer using nothing more than your smartphone, turning it into the ultimate remote.

The brand new platform will provide Android and iOS developers with the ability to connect their mobile apps to a computer browser without you having to worry about configuring it according to hardware, or installing any extra software on your computer.

Clik is a cross-platform and cross-browser option, bypassing all sorts of compatibility complications, by connecting your device directly to your browser with the use of a URL.  This also means you can literally take the Clik platform with you everywhere you go.

The proof of concept app, which is available on both iOS and Android, is just barely scratching the surface of the potential that this platform has. With the app, users can simply point their phones at a QR code on their computer screen to create a direct connection between phone and browser. From there, with the Clik app, users have complete control over any YouTube video they want to watch.

The Clik app allows users to search for videos, add them to their favourites, pause, rewind and adjust the volume, as well as check out the trending and most viewed videos, among other categories.

The app, while pretty barebones, does exactly what it sets out to do. It provides users with an easy way to turn their phones into a remote without the need to download any extra software, or fiddle with complicated settings.

While Clik’s own app focuses on video, there is really no limit to how developers can choose to use the platform – whether it’s to provide smartphone access to images, videos, audio, or even games on a browser-enabled computer.

Another feature Clik brings to the table is multiplayer mode, something which is sure to come in handy for game-related apps that make use of the platform.

“The beauty of Clik is both its simplicity and ability to bring almost any content to any screen, anytime,” said Ted Livingston, CEO of Clik. “For consumers, there is no new box to buy, and no extra software to install. With apps built inside Clik, consumers can instantly take control of their friends’ Smart TV and start watching videos, playing games, or listening to their favorite music—you’ve really got to experience it to believe it.”

If any developers are interested in the Clik Smart TV, they can sign up for the private beta by emailing [email protected]

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