Terrible roommate? SpaceSplitter wants to solve your problems for good

Terrible roommate? SpaceSplitter wants to solve your problems for good

If you’re one of the lucky people who’ve never shared an apartment with someone you didn’t know, this article may not apply to you. But for those of us who aren’t as fortunate, sharing a cramped space with a roommate often leads to utter disaster.

Somehow, no matter how much you prepare, there’s an inherent lack of communication and rules that causes a horrible roommate experience. Maybe you’re overly clean, or perhaps she likes to listen to documentaries without headphones at 6AM. Maybe he never buys toilet paper, or she’s always loud on your day off.

No matter what, this a common problem for city dwellers and college students. Thankfully, one startup is looking to make the entire process much less painful.

SpaceSplitter is a very early stage startup, but it is already delivering some pretty cool stuff (a Roommate Agreement Generator), and is currently building a platform that will forever change the way roommates manage their relationships. TNW dug deeper to find out why the team created SpaceSplitter, and their plans for the future.

My co-founder, Jeremy Pease, and I started SpaceSplitter with the vision of solving the many different #RoommateProblems we observed and experienced. Jeremy and I started solving problems for roommates around 3 years ago as Resident Advisors in Pace University’s Housing and Residential Life Department.

What we discovered along the way…is that at the root of every “roommate problem” stands the fact that roommates tend to be ineffective communicators, and this leads to the mismanagement of each other’s expectations. That’s what we are addressing with SpaceSplitter.

We are thrilled to be building the first-ever platform uniquely designed to help roommates split costs (i.e. monthly rent and utility bills), collaboratively consume products (i.e. toilet paper, soap, groceries, etc.), and manage their respective household.  We like to think that SpaceSplitter is a “cure-all” when it comes to #RoommateProblems, and we’re able to achieve this by helping roommates establish transparency and hold one another accountable.

We’ll be keeping our eyes on SpaceSplitter as it evolves, and in the meantime, give their roommate agreement a test-drive via the link below!


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