Onswipe expands into a massive content distribution network with its new UI

Onswipe expands into a massive content distribution network with its new UI

Born out of TechStars, Onswipe makes it easy for any publisher, from a new blogger to the NY Times, to transform their content into an immersive experience on the iPad. It delivers a beautiful, app like experience on the web that’s completely built for the tablet.

Still fresh from the release of Onswipe 2.0, the startup has just launched a unifying content network and a brand-new UI. Originally, Onswipe had functioned as a tool, not a network. Today, it is exploding as a content distribution platform, bringing together publishers like Ziff Davis, Stylecaster, Refinery29, the BBC and more.

By tapping the Rocketship inside an article, readers can find more interesting content. According to Onswipe:

We’ve always believed that Onswipe is a network of sites—not a tools company that treats each publisher like a silo. If the tablet is the TV of this generation, then what we’re launching today is a lot like channel surfing.

With the new content network comes a new UI, with heavier Twitter integration and a Flipboard-esq peel that reveals more information about each publication. You can also expect an overall refreshed aesthetic and new gestures like double-tapping to create a more enjoyable reading experience. More from Onswipe:

Our belief is that social isn’t an afterthought, but rather a big part of the context of an article. Showing the faces of real people who have tweeted an article is a powerful thing. We’ve integrated Twitter directly to each article, showing the faces of who has tweeted it and the ability to seamlessly tweet from the article itself. We’ve also worked on tighter integration with Twitter for iPad.

Over the past six months we’ve spent a lot of time analyzing raw data and going with our gut instincts as a design-centric company to make the reading experience fluid.

Onswipe’s effort to continuously improve the tablet experience on the Web speaks volumes for the potential of the non-App Store experience. Clearly, Apple wants to keep tabs on its device, but as technologies like HTML5 evolve, could native apps become redundant? Or, will we eventually have trouble telling the difference between the two?

Check out Onswipe via the link below, and let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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