This Chrome extension will show you concert listings and suggested tracks

This Chrome extension will show you concert listings and suggested tracks

As mentioned earlier today, we attended SF Music Hack Day this past weekend and saw some amazing demos. One of the more popular hacks came from a Chrome extension called Extended which adds concert listings along the left-hand side of the screen for each artist currently playing in a room.

The hack itself, along with the rest of the Chrome extension, is absolutely brilliant and makes the experience into a more useful one, rather than purely for your listening and chatting enjoyment.

The hack comes from developer Mark Reeder and uses SongKick’s API to find concert listings for the artist sorted by distance from your current location.

From entertainment to utility Extended also provides some other helpful tweaks such as a desktop notifier for the chatroom that you’re in. You can even tweak the notifier to only pop up when certain words are said. That filtering capability ensures you don’t get swamped with notifications.

With the extension, you’ll find the concert listings on the left and a list of tags on the right. The extension lets you assign tags to all of the music you have in your queue for easy sorting and finding later:

While the site gets a bit busy on its own with all that’s going on, the additional information is definitely utility-based and doesn’t require any constant attention like the rest of does. My absolute favorite feature of the extension is the music suggester which will give you suggestions of new songs based on what’s playing in real-time within the room:

This is perfect for when you’re trying to keep a specific vibe in the room going, because there is nothing worse than a DJ playing Guns ‘N Roses in a Reggae room. This feature is also a cool way to discover new tunes for yourself to check out later on Spotify or your music streaming service of choice.

While the extension does seem to slow down the page a bit because of all of the data it’s bringing in every time a song changes, it’s something you can switch on and off when you really want to learn more about the artists playing in the room. Extended for Chrome

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