Google+ for iOS gets Instant Upload for photos and videos

Google+ for iOS gets Instant Upload for photos and videos

Google has done a pretty awesome job at keeping its Google+ iOS and Android clients up to date with the latest features in a timely manner. After last week’s update of the Android version, the social network finally brought its “What’s Hot” stream to mobile.

The absolute biggest feature missing for the iOS version of Google+ was the instant upload option that will automatically upload any photo or video you take to a private album. The feature was recently featured in the latest television ad for Google+ based on a Googler’s real-life story.

Along with Instant Upload, the iOS client for Google+ now features the “What’s Hot” stream that the company has been tinkering with lately on the web as a way to surface popular posts on the platform.

The Instant Upload feature has long been Android’s biggest advantage, so its nice to see the platforms having full parity now.

In addition to these two new features, you can send your feedback to the Google+ team just by shaking the iOS app like so:

Google+ for iOS

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