Spotify’s iOS app gets an update that doubles the stream quality to 320 kbps

Spotify’s iOS app gets an update that doubles the stream quality to 320 kbps

Spotify has been a monster success since launching in the US, and one of the best parts about paying for a subscription to the service is being able to listen to music on your mobile devices.

The Spotify app is available on “the big three” mobile platforms; iOS, Android, and Windows Phone. Up until today, you’ve had the option for two streaming qualities on the iOS version. Those were low and high. The high being 160 kbps and the low being 96 kbps. If you’re using earbuds, the higher setting probably sounds pretty good, but if you have a better set of headphones, it’s not so great.

The desktop version of Spotify has always streamed at 320 kbps, which is extremely high quality. Today, the iOS version makes the jump to that same quality.

Instead of just low and high as quality settings for streaming, you’re now presented with a third option called “Extreme”, which brings you the 320 kbps quality:

Along with being able to stream the higher quality version of songs, you’re also able to sync them as well. Once you flip the switch over to extreme you’ll be impressed by how great the music sounds, even through your iPhone’s speaker. Be careful when you’re in an area with not great cell signal, as the new highest quality stream probably won’t even start for you.

Along with this mega change, the app now supports one tap login via Facebook, which doesn’t seem to affect me as the app always logs me in automatically. For new users, this is a welcomed feature I’m sure.

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