Airbind syncs your iTunes media library to your Android smartphone

Airbind syncs your iTunes media library to your Android smartphone

Whilst Apple likes to create an enclosed, controlled ecosystem for its myriad of products and services to flourish, that doesn’t stop third-parties coming along to ruffle the feathers.

Airbind is a free Android app that lets users synchronize their iTunes media library to any Android device across WiFi.

First up, you’ll have to download and install the PC or Mac desktop client, then launch the app on your Android device. Airbind should discover your iTunes library, and with one click it will start to sync. It should also auto-sync with your iTunes whenever your PC/Mac and Android device are on the same WiFI network.

So Airbind allows you to take your Apple iTunes media with you on your Google Android device…it’s a marriage made in heaven, right?

iTunes dominates the music download market, accounting for around two-thirds of all download sales. And on the smartphone front, Android is doing pretty well, with activations coming in at around 700,000 each day, and more than one billion Android devices are expected to ship between now and 2014.

Of course, Airbind isn’t the only tool at your disposal if you want to merge your Apple and Android worlds. Last year we reported on doubleTwist, which allows Android users to stream iTunes playlists, videos and photos wirelessly. It also added support for Apple’s open AirPlay API to offer the ability to stream to Apple TV and other AirPlay devices. The doubleTwist app is free but the upgrade to support the AirSync feature is $5.


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