MeetingBurner’s browser-based meeting platform opens to the public to demolish WebEx

MeetingBurner’s browser-based meeting platform opens to the public to demolish WebEx

You might remember back in August of last year when we told you about MeetingBurner. It’s a meeting platform for teams and groups that lives entirely inside the browser, and it’s been in private beta until today. Now, with a three-tiered pricing plan, some great new features and big plans for the future, MeetinBurner becomes available to the public.

Unlike most online meeting options, MeetingBurner doesn’t require you to download or install any additional software. As long as your browser can run Flash, you can use it. Best of all, there are some killer new features that the team has been perfecting: Autopilot and Meeting Temperature.

Autopilot is amazing. It gives you the ability to pre-record a “meeting”, then play it back at a scheduled time as if it’s live. This is a perfect option for doing flawless webinars, followed by a truly live Q&A session. Meeting Temperature gives your audience a way to provide feedback on the fly during the meeting. By sliding a bar toward either hot or cold, you can see exactly what the overall audience sentiment is at any given time.

Our initial review of MeetingBurner was quite thorough, so instead of rehashing I’ll encourage you to click here and give it a read. The big difference is that, now, you don’t have to ask for an invitation to use the service as MeetingBurner has opened its doors to everyone. Of course, depending on the features that you need, there’s a price:

When you compare MeetingBurner to the other options out there (GoToMeeting and WebEx, primarily) there simply is no competition on price. MeetingBurner is exponentially less expensive. Combine that with some truly incredible features including the ability for people to join your meetings via Android’s browser or an iPhone app, and you’ve got one truly amazing product.

Back when we first looked at MeetingBurner, I said that it was “the only meeting service that I didn’t hate with the fiery passion of hell”. While that might not sound like a compliment, but trust me that it is. I’ve been using the service since its August beta launch, and I’m glad that other people will have a chance to do so now.


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