Because dating sites suck, this startup finds you love like in that movie Hitch

Because dating sites suck, this startup finds you love like in that movie Hitch

I kind of have it out for dating sites. I absolutely love the idea of different people connecting from across the globe for friendship and even relationships, but in actuality, the typical online dating experience has yet to become as elegant and immersive as it could be.

Of course there are exceptions and plenty of happy couples have traditional dating sites to thank, but MyMatchmaker seems to understand the frustration that exists for singles: “You’re tired of dating sites, tired of browsing random profiles, and wished there was a better way to start relationships. We get it.”

This startup believes that the best technique for finding someone special is by connecting you with qualified matchmakers. Your matchmaker will find compatible matches and get you introduced. According to them, your odds go way up with an introduction — rather than sitting back as your inbox is filled with messages.

At the moment, MyMatchmaker seems to be heading in the right direction. Founder Josef Feldman tells TNW:

We’ve had over 3 thousand applicants for a matchmaker role in NYC of which we’ve selected 40 to start. Our main criteria is passion. We read all cover letters and choose those individuals who have played “matchmaker” successfully in their personal lives and can’t imagine doing something more fulfilling professionally. We then bring them through our orientation process and help them start building a community of singles, throwing events, and monetizing their efforts.

Dating sites generally rely on an algorithm to generate matches or leave users on their own filtering through millions of profiles. Singles have to introduce themselves and there’s almost zero accountability when things go wrong. We’ve taken a whole new approach. By introducing matchmakers (real people!) into the system we’ve solved many of the problems that have plagued other online dating platforms. It’s a new model that introduces accountability, quality control, and most importantly a human touch to that most human part of our lives.

If you’re single and on “the hunt,” check out the site and see if it feels right. Online dating has always been a toss-up — you never know what you’ll find.

What’s interesting about MyMatchmaker’s model is that it introduces a wingman of sorts. I can’t help but make the connection between this startup and the movie Hitch.

Will this online/offline hybrid serve as the perfect place for connecting singles and churning out couples? It’s hard to tell at this point, but as much as I have faith in technology, I don’t see compatibility tests ever becoming the pinnacle of dating. This is why bringing real people intro the mix sounds like a pretty smart idea.

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