WillCall takes all of the work out of going to a last minute concert

WillCall takes all of the work out of going to a last minute concert

We all know what it’s like when we’re bored off of our rockers and sitting on the couch at home on any given night. We’re in that neutral area of wanting to go out, but not wanting to plan anything.

A new app called WillCall has a pretty unique model to sell tickets to all types of shows and concerts at the last minute and get your ass off of the couch by showing them to you.

While it’s only available in San Francisco right now, the team says it plans on expanding to Los Angeles and New York City soon. The app launched today and I have to say that the convenience factor of what WillCall wants to do certainly comes through with its elegant design and simplicity.

Here’s a demo of what WillCall is all about:


I need to get out of the house

When you download the WillCall app you can add your credit card information so when you find a list minute opportunity you can just tap the “purchase” button and everything will be taken care of for you. While the show selections are pretty slim right now, I imagine that the WillCall team will be able to get the attention of venues who want to sell off tickets at the last minute at deep discounts.

If your friends use the app too, you can invite them to shows and they’ll be notified about what you just purchased so they can join you as well. We’re going to see more of these types of apps tied to credit cards that “just work” and make everything simple. For example, I can’t imagine going to Starbucks and not using the app to pay. Take out my credit card? That’s dinosaur days stuff.

WillCall gives you the information you need to know, hoping to get you to make a quick last-minute decision. You’re shown a quick description, original price and discount price, how far away the venue is from you, and that’s it. If you’re intrigued, tap purchase and you’re done. Make sure you put some pants on before you leave the house though.

While these might be shows that you normally wouldn’t go to, knowing that you’re getting the tickets for half the price or more might just do the trick. It’s a smart idea, and venues weren’t going to sell those tickets anyways.

Again, it’s a bummer that the app isn’t available outside of San Francisco, but such is the case with most apps like this. The team will use the city as its proof of concept and then venues from all over will start asking to get involved. I think WillCall has a real shot of grabbing the last minute ticket market with its app.

WillCall for iOS

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