Evernote for Mac gets a redesigned note interface for a more intuitive experience

Evernote for Mac gets a redesigned note interface for a more intuitive experience

Evernote has announced a new update to its Mac desktop app featuring a completely revamped note interface, which is far more in keeping with the sleek look that is to be expected from a Mac app.

The announcement reads:

The goals of the redesign were clarity and simplification. You’ll notice that the new layout is much more space-efficient. For example, we moved information about the note into the “i” button. We also made note sharing options much more prominent with the new, big share arrow.

The note panel has been completely revamped, and most of the changes to it now make for a cleaner and more intuitive experience.

Other changes that have made their way into the latest update are the inclusion of dates in note headers, simplifying the checklist creation process and the ability to view multiple notes in fullscreen mode.

When it comes to headers, the date the note was created or updated is visible at a glance, and you can also now edit the date by clicking the ‘i’ button.

If you’ve been using Evernote as part of your productivity routine, you’ll be happy to know that when creating checklists, it now automatically continues the checklist when you hit enter.

Using fullscreen mode in OS X Lion will allow you to open multiple notes and view each one in a separate window, while the main Evernote window remains in the background.

Tables have also seen a significant upgrade in the new version of Evernote. You can now easily edit existing tables, with the new ability to add and remove columns.

Evernote has been steadily growing since its 2008 launch, and at the end of last year, CEO Phil Libin spoke to The Next Web’s Martin Bryant about the company’s progress, saying that it has reached the point where it can comfortably be described as a platform.

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