Launch Center cleverly trims complex iPhone tasks down to two simple taps [Codes]

Launch Center cleverly trims complex iPhone tasks down to two simple taps [Codes]

The slick shortcut app Launch Center just got a very small but very useful update, adding the ability to schedule actions like emails, phone calls, text messages and Tweets. It’s a welcome addition to the handy utility app and one that could tip the scales if you’ve been intrigued but haven’t yet picked it up.

Launch Center is an app that leverages a little-known set of instructions built into iOS called ‘URL Schemes’. These allow the app to trigger a variety of actions including speed dialing, sending text messages, emailing, launching Websites or even other apps, posting to Facebook, Tweeting, Googling copied text or even turning on your flashlight.

But why should you care? Many times these items can be triggered with just a few taps anyway, so what’s the big deal? Simply put, Launch Center trims these activities down to as few taps as possible, saving you just a tiny bit of time with every action you take.

Instead of four taps to turn the light on as a flashlight (Camera, video mode, light, on), it is a two-tap operation: Launch Center, Flashlight.

Sending a text message to a family member is a great example as well. In order to text them, you have to back out of your current message, dig through your message history, open it and start a new message. Or enter the name manually after opening the app and starting a new message. Either way it’s a single tap with Launch Center, very cool.

The latest version of Launch Center adds the ability to trigger any of these actions on a specified schedule, sending a message to your wife that you’re heading home as you’re leaving work, for instance. The same goes with an email that you want to make sure you don’t forget to send. You can also schedule Tweets or Facebook posts in a similar way.

Honestly, Launch Center is best used by people who are heavy users of their iPhone. If you’re a casual texter or only Tweet once a day, then Launch Center won’t save you a lot of time and may not be worth an install.

But if you text heavily, Tweet like crazy, launch apps that are buried several pages deep on your device or simply forget to text your girlfriend that you love her, it’s not only an interesting idea well executed, it’s a significant time saver.

I highly recommend checking Launch Center out, It’s been on my home screen for a while and It’s not going anywhere any time soon.

For those of you looking to try out Launch Center, developer App Cubby has provided us with some codes for you. Enjoy!


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