Sazneo rolls out embeddable real-time group messaging for businesses

Sazneo rolls out embeddable real-time group messaging for businesses

We first reported on Sazneo in January 2011, a platform that enables companies to have really smart online conversations within their teams. It’s a real-time group messaging service for businesses, and The Next Web’s Martin Bryant said at the time:

“While a number of solutions have popped up to help remote teams stay in touch, UK-based Sazneo may have come up with the best solution for easy and organised group conversation that we’ve seen yet.”

Following on from this, the good people at Sazneo launched a new iPhone-focused Web app, aimed at helping teams communicate and stay connected on the move, the lack of which was one of our main gripes initially. Indeed, Sazneo is now available as a Web app for the iPhone, iPad, Android and BlackBerry

Now, the firm has announced the launch of Sazneo Embed, which lets companies harness the power of Sazneo without the hassle of launching the application across the company. Businesses can roll out real-time group messaging capability within the systems they are already using, be it SharePoint, an in-house intranet or a CRM system.

This new feature is actually a really good move for Sazneo, as it will open its feature-set to many more companies that may have been averse to changing the way they work.

Sazneo can now be placed inside any application that is capable of embedding a Web page, so for example if you are using SharePoint Team Sites to store documents for your projects, the project team will be able to have a real-time group conversation without leaving SharePoint. The conversations are immediately in the context of what the user is doing and they don’t need to change the way they work or learn yet another new application. Sazneo can be embedded in less than 5 minutes without coding, and details of how to get started can be found here.

Brett Davis, Sazneo CEO, says that the new functionality was its biggest request last year, and it’s already seeing some uptake. “Sazneo Embed is ideal for companies that love the idea but are reluctant to introduce a new application onto busy desktops that already have email, instant messaging or social media tools,” he says. “Many of our clients have already started putting Sazneo into their internal applications and a number of SaaS businesses are now embedding it into their own products to offer a group messaging capability to their clients.”


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