Delicious takes its ‘Stacks’ concept social with collaboration and commenting features

Delicious takes its ‘Stacks’ concept social with collaboration and commenting features

After a dramatic comeback with new owners, Delicious pushed forward with its “Stacks” feature, which let you put a group of links together in folders of sorts. It really makes organization of the links you find on the web visually attractive and easy to curate.

Today, the company has made these Stacks more social by introducing a few neat new features, revealed on its blog:

Collaborate on Stacks

By being able to collaborate on Stacks, you don’t have to be the only one pulling together that huge mega list of all of the cool cat videos on the web. Invite a friend or two to chip in. Up until now, you could only share your Stacks with a group of people, but the community clearly wanted more:

By listing all of the collaborators on a Stack, you’re more likely to find other cool people to follow and share with on Delicious. It’s a really smart move.

Comment and Suggest Links

With the addition of commenting on Stacks, Delicious provides a platform for discussion around the content you’ve aggregated. What’s more people can even suggest links to add if they haven’t been added as a collaborator. The new system lets you accept these link suggestions and accept or decline them as you see fit.

I heard you liked Stacks…

What better way to respond to a Stack of links than with your own Stack? This feature lets users respond to say your Stack of political links with their own. For example, if you collect a bunch of Democrat-centric content in your Stack, someone could reply to it with a Stack showing the other end of the political spectrum. Somewhat similar to YouTube’s “response” feature; not a coincidence considering Chad Hurley and Steve Chen, Delicious’ new owners are also YouTube’s co-founders.

This release also lets you create private Stacks if you don’t want to be social, maybe for the research for that private little gift you’re buying for your husband or wife? The feature could also be useful if you want to spend your time diligently curating a stack to share with the public, but don’t want to make it searchable just yet.

With this attention to social, Delicious is taking the original vision of the site to an all new level.

We’re on Delicious too, so check out The Next Web’s Stacks.

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