VPN service Hotspot Shield adds malware protection to its arsenal of tools

VPN service Hotspot Shield adds malware protection to its arsenal of tools

In November, we reported that AnchorFree launched an iPhone app for its VPN service, Hotspot Shield. Today AnchorFree announced a major new feature for its app.

AnchorFree is now bundling a significant feature into its security solution, protecting its users from malware while browsing the Internet. The new feature, which will be available on all its current platforms – PC, Mac and iOS, adds a new, and much-needed, layer of protection.

Up until now Hotspot Shield’s offering has focused on encrypting all of your online browsing, using HTTP(S). Now Hotspot Shield will alert users if they access domains that are known to contain malware, and the site will be blocked. Hotspot Shield will protect users from a variety of threats, including trojan, malware, phishing and spam sites.

Speaking about the new feature, David Gorodyansky, the founder and CEO of AnchorFree, whom we interviewed in October said:

“Malware is one of the biggest threats on the Web — and it’s growing every day. People go to great lengths to avoid desktop viruses, but many of us still leave our browsing sessions unprotected and open to hacking attacks. Merging our powerful encryption and private browsing technology with malware protection now makes Hotspot Shield the world’s most comprehensive Internet security solution — available at no cost to consumers.”

AnchorFree also provides some pretty sobering statistics on how malware has affected Internet users. Last year, in the US alone, $2.3 billion was lost as a result of malware threats.

To find out more about HotSpot Shield, check out Hermione Way’s interview with David Gorodyansky below:

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