This sleek but pricey app uses infographics to give insight into your LinkedIn contacts

This sleek but pricey app uses infographics to give insight into your LinkedIn contacts

ProInsights is a new tablet app, available for Android, Blackberry and iPad owners, which aims to give LinkedIn users a little bit more insight into their profiles and connections. It was developed by XLabz Technologies, a mobile product development company based in India.

The app is divided into two main sections – one which displays your own LinkedIn profile as an Infographic, giving you more insight into your own career history, and into the kinds of connections you’ve made on the network. The other section is dedicated entirely to exploring your connections using various displays.

Your LinkedIn Infographic

By linking ProInsights to your LinkedIn account, you are instantly presented with a great looking infographic. The infographic includes details about both you and your contacts. Your title, number of connections and extended connections, and your career timeline is visible, along with your LinkedIn Quotient – a Klout-like rating that is determined by your influence and reach.

As far as your contacts are concerned, you can see their dominant age group, profile photos, their employers and locations.

You have no control over what data appears in your infographic, or its order, but you do have a little bit of control over how it appears. There are several themes to choose from, with 8 specific colour schemes available to you.

Since your LinkedIn profile is, no doubt, constantly changing you can also manually refresh your LinkedIn data, or set it to automatically refresh on a daily, weekly or monthly basis in the app.

You’ll be happy to know that the infographic is not trapped inside the app. You can easily share it via Facebook, Twitter or, obviously, LinkedIn. It’s a little inconvenient, but if you want to view the infographic yourself before sharing it with others, you can access the link by generating a Tweet, without sending it out.

Having the ability to easily see the infographic on your computer before sharing it publicly is definitely a much needed feature. It can be as simply as emailing yourself the link.

LinkedIn Connections

You can view your contacts in several different ways. With the default display, ProInsights takes a page from the iTunes album display. Each contact has a card of their own, featuring their title, place of work, location and how many connections they have on LinkedIn. You can change the display to a 3D carousel, a flat grid, a map, and more.

Opening up any given contact will display more information from their LinkedIn profile, including their work history, education, and achievements.

Our Verdict

ProInsights gives you some interesting insight into the kinds of connections you’ve made on LinkedIn, and if you’re a visual person, you’ll appreciate the layout and design. The app is beautifully designed, professional, and makes it easy for you to generate an interesting and personalized LinkedIn infographic at the click of a button.

The problem with the app, however, is that with a $9.99 price tag attached to it on the iPad and Blackberry PlayBook, and $4.99 for Android tablets, users are bound to expect a little bit more. You’re able to search and view your contacts, but can’t interact with them in anyway, nor can you see your extended connections.

With the nature of tablet use, ProInsights has the potential to become a great discovery tool when looking for contacts and connections on LinkedIn. As is, it’s a beautiful, but overpriced, app.

Update: The iPad version is currently available, until January 20th, for $4.99.

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