iOS Devs: Here’s a guide on how to launch and market your new iPhone app like a pro

iOS Devs: Here’s a guide on how to launch and market your new iPhone app like a pro

A ridiculous amount of work goes into successful app release. From planning and sketching to design and development, simply getting the talent together in one room can be a difficult task.

But what if you’ve built a great app and just don’t have the connections or know-how to make it big. Instead of risking your entire launch by “winging it,” there’s a service out there that can help, and it’s affordable too.

StartupPlays, in collaboration with the creator of Tapity, is a new platform that helps startups execute like pros in every aspect of their business without wasting time searching online, watching videos, or learning as you go. As explained by the creators:

With over 300 new apps being launched in the AppStore everyday, it’s difficult to get buzz or featured by Apple to attract thousands of downloads.

We team up with successful entrepreneurs to document processes for a specific startup activity and deliver it in a collaborative workspace that includes everything the startup will need to execute including detailed tasks, file templates, and expert tips.

If you’re bootstrapping your release, you can’t afford to seek out a publicist or PR manager. StartupPlays hopes to provide the best possible guide, with a step-by-step plan for iOS developers on how to successfully market, promote, and launch an iPhone app.

The service is currently available for iOS development teams at a price of $83 via this link. It’s certainly not a small cost, but neither is the amount of time and energy you’ve already dedicated to your app, so do some research and see if it’s right for you!

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Have you been a part of an app launch? Share your tips and tricks below, and let us know what you think of StartupPlays as the bible for an iOS release!

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