Adobe Reader gets EchoSign update, PDF e-signatures just got easier

Adobe Reader gets EchoSign update, PDF e-signatures just got easier

Back in September, Adobe announced EchoSign for Adobe Reader, which it called a “first step in the integration of Adobe EchoSign technology with Adobe’s document solutions and services.”

Just to recap, Adobe acquired Web-based electronic signature company EchoSign back in July 2011, with a view towards rolling out more powerful document management services. By introducing EchoSign to Adobe Reader, this opened up the electronic signature process to millions.

Now, in a blog post earlier today, Jason Lemkin, vice president of Web business services at Adobe, made an update announcement that he says will “make it easier than ever for businesses to ‘seal the deal’ and keep up with the demands of a growing mobile workforce.”

Adobe Reader users can now send PDF files to be signed from within the application as well as sign documents electronically themselves. When you open a PDF document to be signed with Adobe Reader, you will have the option to put a scanned copy of your signature into the document, and if you don’t have access to a scanned image of your signature, you use Adobe EchoSign to sign a document yourself by using the “Only I Sign” feature, which provides the option to either draw your own signature using a mouse, or type it in.

To get a new signature onto a PDF document, you open it in the new version of Adobe Reader and use the “Send for Signature” button. Your document is then automatically uploaded to Adobe EchoSign, kickstarting the process to let you integrate your signature with EchoSign.

“Documents signed using Adobe EchoSign are protected by the Federal E-SIGN Act,” says Lemkin. “Which makes online electronic signatures in a commercial transaction equivalent to a written signature so both you and your client can rest assured that signed document is 100 percent legal.”

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