Instagram meets 500px with the new iOS app Storygram

Instagram meets 500px with the new iOS app Storygram

Storygram is a new free iOS app makes it easy to make an instant connection between your Instagram and 500px accounts. Starting out originally as an iPad only app, Storygram has just been updated to welcome iPhone users as well.

One of 500px’s unique features, as far as photo sharing sites are concerned, is that it gives users a space to create blog posts, accompanied with images.With the app Storygram, you can instantly access all of your Instagram photos on the go, choose which ones to include in a blog post, enter the title and text, and post it.

While the app is currently pretty barebones, it gets the task done. For now, the only major feature the app gives users is the ability to post multiple Instagram photos to your 500px blog. Any text you’ve included with the original Instagram photos will be included in the post.

We did also notice that if you leave the description box empty, the blog post will not appear on 500px.

So why is this app so cool? 500px is a popular platform for uploading the best of your portfolio, but by connecting Instagram to your 500px blog, it gives you another avenue to share some of your more casual and on-the-go shots with your 500px followers. And it also makes it easy to tell stories using your Instagram photos, sharing them with more than just your Instagram followers, particularly since the photo app still doesn’t have a web interface.

Features that are still in the works include the ability to use any photos you’ve taken using your iOS device as well as publishing to other platforms.

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