Thicket: An audiovisual playground for your iPad

Thicket: An audiovisual playground for your iPad

Thicket, created by Interval Studios, is an experimental iPad app that allows anyone to create beautiful, abstract sounds and pictures. Using touch and gesture, users can control visuals and sound simultaneously in four playing modes, each of which follow very distinct themes.

Like RjDj’s Dimensions app, Thicket has both audio and visual elements, but Thicket is also more of an improvisational and therapeutic creation tool. If you’re a fan of atypical apps like Dimensions, Composite or Stilla, then you will definitely want to take a look. Here’s more from Interval Studios:

For users of all ages, this generative art and sound app immerses you in song-like audiovisual pieces called modes. When “playing” a mode, you both react to and create the music and graphics that you experience. Each mode is its own art generator, interactive toy, musical instrument, even performance tool depending on how you use it. And with new modes to be developed and released every few months, Thicket functions an expandable platform in the exciting new genre of handheld interactive art.

Interval studios is also the creator of superDraw, a platform for visual expression using drawing, and snowdrift, a fun and simple app that lets you draw with falling snow. It’s noteworthy that Thicket also has an older brother, Thicket:Classic.

For more on experimental imagery, check out ExtraFile: Databending and corrupt files as art. What do you think of these experimental apps? Are they art forms in their own right?

➤  Thicket, free via the App Store (with paid upgrades)

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