SurveyMe’s innovative customer survey app gives real-time results and real-time rewards

SurveyMe’s innovative customer survey app gives real-time results and real-time rewards

Businesses keen for feedback often ask customers to fill in a customer survey, but in the offline world that can be a slow and boring process involving pens, paper and lots of slow, manual collation of the answers. UK-based SurveyMe is a startup looking to change all that by making surveys fast and easy with real-time results.

Imagine you’re in a restaurant. As you pay for your meal, the waiter hands you a mobile phone with the SurveyMe app open. You answer some questions about your satisfaction with the meal and then hand the device back. In the back office, the restaurant manager’s SurveyMe dashboard immediately updates to reflect your answers, showing just how satisfied all her visitors are.

There’s more though, once you have the SurveyMe app on your phone, it will tell you when a survey is available to take nearby. Businesses that set up surveys can offer instant rewards, too. You could be in a hotel and as thanks for answering some questions, a voucher for a free drink at the bar might be added to the app, for you to redeem right away. Surveys can also be hidden to prevent users simply wandering around answering them just for the rewards.

Surveys are easy to set up, and the SurveyMe’s founder, Lee Evans says that it’s already saving significant time and effort for businesses that use it. The startup charges £25 per month, or £299 per year for unlimited usage – reasonably priced for business use.

The SurveyMe app is currently available for iPhone and Android. While it may not have the most attractive of graphic designs, it does what it’s designed to do well, and is potentially a disruptive force in customer survey market.

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