Free-to-play mobile gaming is booming worldwide [Infographic]

Free-to-play mobile gaming is booming worldwide [Infographic]

Given the growth and popularity of mobile apps and gaming subscription services, you’d be forgiven for thinking that the free-to-play games industry is feeling the squeeze from competition with premium alternatives.

Not so, according to gaming firm Pando Networks, which has gone public with a series interesting data points relating to its service, games and users:

  • The company has grown its client base by 450 percent over the last two years.
  • Pando Networks has served more than 70 million gamers in 3 years, in fact it has served 38 million this year alone
  • According to the company, the overall free-to-play market — in which it sits — is significantly growing within developing nations. For example, the space has seen growth of 534 percent in Turkey during the last two years

While this data reflects Pando Network’s figures alone, and is not representative of industry-wide statistics, it is interesting to see its worldwide growth since 2009, as company CEO Robert Levita reflects:

While the media is saturated with stories about the rapid growth of social and casual games from the likes of Zynga and Rovio, the free-to-play MMO genre also continues to grow swiftly. It may get overshadowed by trendier genres, but our data shows that free-to-play MMOs are an increasingly significant presence in the game industry.

Without further ado, here is the full list of stats within the infographic. You can click on the image to see it in full size.

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