Siine Writer brings its icon-based keyboard app to Android tablets

Siine Writer brings its icon-based keyboard app to Android tablets

Siine Writer sells itself as the “first icon-based keyboard that you can edit and personalize – making your messages sound like you.” And now it has arrived on Android tablets, a month after the smartphone version was launched.

Siine is a London/Barcelona-based startup which was runner-up in the London leg of the AppCircus event which we covered recently. The company has developed a keyboard app for Android touchscreen devices, which includes icon buttons that can be individually tailored so that long strings of text can be entered with a single click. And the icons can be personalized too, with users able to upload their own images for the buttons.

You can see for yourself how it works here:

The Next Web was on the judging panel at the AppCircus event, and we all concluded that there was great potential for this app, in terms of optimizing smartphone keyboard accessibility.

With the release of the tablet version, it brings all the features that have made Siine Writer a minor hit amongst Android smartphone users – editable icons, intelligent text and bespoke screens for different types of communication.

“Siine is very pleased with this announcement which shows the market interest for new and innovative ways to empower users”, says Raphael Vergnaud, VP of Sales and Business Development. “Siine enables phones and tablet users to personalize their keyboard visually and functionally. Each individual ends up in just few minutes with their very own keyboard, their own version of Siine!”

What exactly is Siine Writer?

Siine Writer includes special adaptable icons called ‘Siines’, which allow users to build messages one sentence at a time. Siines change their meaning depending on the number of times the user taps them. For example: one tap = running late; two taps = running a bit late; and three taps = running very late. Users can edit and create Siines or even adopt them from other users via a virtual gallery. It also features adaptable screens to help in every-day texting situations, like saying hello and goodbye, or setting up appointments at specific times and dates.

The company has backing from Skype co-founder Niklas Zennström, and the team is comprised of  experts and enthusiasts from academic, programming and design backgrounds. Siine’s mission is to improve the most-used interface on the planet – the keyboard – so that “every-day messaging can become fun again.”

Siine Writer Tablet Edition is available to download on Samsung Apps now.

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