Rock The Post brings entrepreneurs, talent and investors together

Rock The Post brings entrepreneurs, talent and investors together

Rock The Post is a brand new social network that connects entrepreneurs, talent and investors together. Here’s how it works: Users create posts that share their idea. Then, community members pledge time, resources or money to help make that project a reality. If all goes well, a project is successfully funded and lined up before time runs out a la Kickstarter.

As Rock The Post grows, it could resolve some of the headaches involved in finding collaborators with enough time to help make ideas happen. And if a community of innovators is built, awesome things are bound to happen.

But even if active members continue to join, Rock The Post will likely struggle finding investors (especially for small projects). It also will be interesting to see if Rock The Post develops a method for sharing equity among large groups of contributors, while getting tons of local communities involved.

According to Tanya Prive, COO:

Rock The Post connects people, within a business context, in very unique ways, which allows linkedminded individuals to form complimentary business partnerships that are otherwise not available through their own networks.

So far,  The Rise & Fall Of Maradona is one of the site’s first proofs of concept. Check it out here!

Have you recently ran into trouble finding the right collaborators for your idea?

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