TripsQ will tell you how many miles you’ve traveled, thanks to foursquare

TripsQ will tell you how many miles you’ve traveled, thanks to foursquare

If you religiously check-in using foursquare whenever you travel, the app TripsQ will pull all of that information together to tell you just how much you’ve actually traveled.

The data that foursquare collects is why I use it so much. I know that whenever I check-in at a venue, the information is recorded along with all of the other places I’ve visited since using the service. While the data that foursquare collects on where you went is fantastic, the question of “how far have you gone” has always caught my interest.

I could figure out how far I’ve traveled manually, digging up every flight confirmation I’ve ever been sent via email, but that would take forever. Since I use foursquare daily, I’ll rely on its data to tell me, thanks to an assist from TripsQ.

I’m sorry…How many miles?!?!?!

I was honestly surprised by how many miles I’ve traveled. After logging into TripsQ with your foursquare account, the data is crunched quickly, and you’re shown how far you’ve traveled according to your timeline of check-ins, and how many days you’ve traveled.

Here are my stats:

There you have it, since I’ve checked in at every airport I’ve flown from and to, my data gives TripsQ the perfect information to tell me how much I’ve traveled since I started using foursquare.

115,476 miles and 670 days spent traveling since I started foursquare sounds about right. It tires me out just thinking about it. Once you’ve let TripsQ calculate your stats, you can share them on Twitter, Facebook, or Google+ to show off just how far you’ve gone.

The other handy visualization that TripsQ provides is a map showing all of your “trips” according to foursquare. These are dropped on top of a Google Map and listed on the right hand side so you can see where a bulk of your miles have come from. For example, mine came from trips to London, France, and India.

Wading through information likes this makes using services like foursquare time well spent. There’s nothing worse than using a service for months or even years, but not getting a solid idea of how you’ve used the service or how it’s impacting your life.

Clearly, foursquare is a big part of my digital life, and having access to its information makes visualizations like TripQ fun and makes me want to continue to use the number one check-in app for years to come.


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