Spotmeup: The free, easy way for musicians to get their music on Spotify

Spotmeup: The free, easy way for musicians to get their music on Spotify

When you think about the fact that Spotify has 2.5 million paying subscribers, without taking into account the millions of users who use the service for free, any up and coming band or artist would probably love to get their music into some Spotify playlists.

With Spotmeup, a new free service, that’s exactly what they can do. Signing up for a free account, all you have to do is upload your songs to the site, wait for your tunes to be screened and appear in the Spotify library. The screening process can take anywhere from 7 days to 4 weeks.

While the native upload feature couldn’t be easier to use, if you have your music backed up on Dropbox already, you can connect your accounts, and get your music into Spotify faster than ever.

If you’re thinking of using the service to upload copyrighted music that isn’t available on Spotify, think again, as the site clearly states that any copyrighted songs will be rejected.

There are a few other guidelines to keep in mind. While anyone can submit their music to Spotmeup, there is a screening process and the main criteria is sound quality. The audio must be of studio quality, and the music has to be “fairly serious” according to the FAQs. The example given says:

“Lets say you grab the guitar and record a 30 sec clip on your mobile phone, singing in the kitchen while the TV is running at full blast in the background, that is not a serious recording and it will be rejected by Spotmeup. Our goal is to deliver great music to the audience and make Spotify the best place to discover good music.”

Spotmeup accepts the most common audio formats, and the minimum accepted bit rate is 320 kb/s. Another factor to keep in mind is that to remove an album or single from Spotify, you’ll have to pay $10.

You can also take advantage of Spotify’s social media features, sharing your tunes on Facebook, Twitter or MSN, and create Spotify links to share your official band page or profiles. While you don’t get paid if Spotify users stream your music, you will get paid if your music is downloaded, at a rate of $0.70 per track. If your music is purchased as part of a bundle, you will be paid based on Spotify’s calculations for the prorated share of all monthly bundle purchases, and the amount tends to vary.

As a listener, if you’re on the look out for new music, you can check out some of the artists that are using SpotMeUp featured on the site here.

Up until now, Spotmeup has been used to upload about 1,500 songs to Spotify, and counting. So if you want to get in on it, sign up for a free account, to get your music heard.

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