This Is My Jam asks: What’s your favourite song right now? [Invites]

This Is My Jam asks: What’s your favourite song right now? [Invites]

Update: The Next Web’s readers can access This Is My Jam now, see instructions at the bottom.

In a week that saw Spotify launch as a platform, integrating with apps from the likes of Songkick, and Pitchfork, it’s clear that music is becoming more social online. Especially when you consider Spotify’s deep integration with Facebook.

Indeed, the music tech space is certainly getting interesting, and back in June we looked at why could be the most exciting social service of the year. But does it have to be all about game-changing ideas? Is there still space for the simple things in life?

That’s exactly what this Web app sets out to achieve. This Is My Jam (TIMJ) asks the question: What’s your favorite song right now? It can’t be any old song though. It has to be one that’s really getting you excited, one that you simply can’t stop playing on repeat, one that you simply can’t shift from your head.

It’s currently in private beta, meaning you’ll have to register for an invite. Once you have an account, only other beta users will be able to see your profile, but pretty soon you’ll be able to share your jam with anyone you like. The London-based founders say:

“We want This Is My Jam to be the best place to share your new favorite song and find the best music through friends, but we have a long way to go. Your feedback will be crucial as we decide how the service should function, look, sound, and taste.”

So…how does it work?

Once you click on the link within your invite, you’ll be taken to a screen where you can connect with Twitter and Facebook:

This will then enable you to connect with friends who are already registered with the service. At this early stage, it’s likely there won’t be many other people you know that are using it, but it does offer a ‘Suggested People’ tab where you can connect with strangers and see what one song people are currently digging:

You then click on ‘My Jam’, where you’re taken to a ‘Choose Your First Jam’ section. You click on the button, and you’ll be taken to a search page which integrates with various online sources. And you then search for whatever song you currently love above all else:

You’re given the choice of audio-only, or video & audio. You make your choice, click ‘Make This My Jam’, and you’re taken to a final page where you can customize your visuals before posting it to your account. It’s also at this point you’ll choose whether to share it across Twitter and Facebook.

Hit ‘Post’, and that will be your one cherished track until you decide to change it. You can browse other people’s songs that you’re currently following too, and you can change your own selection at any time:

An interesting extra feature on This Is My Jam is that it also allows you to upload your own music, so if you’re an aspiring musician, you can showcase your own work here too.

Of course, there are plenty of music-sharing services already permeating the Web, and you can already see what your friends are listening to on Facebook, for example. But This Is My Jam strips all the peripheral noise out, and hones in on the one simple question: What’s your favourite song right now?

The Next Web’s readers can access This Is My Jam now, without requesting a private beta invite. Simply follow this link, and the first 5,000 people can gain instant access.

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