Discover new music from around the blogosphere with Uberhype for Android

Discover new music from around the blogosphere with Uberhype for Android

The Hype Machine is an essential site for music enthusiasts looking to discover new sounds. The site aggregates songs shared on a wide variety of music blogs, making them available in one place. While it’s had a slick, official iPhone app for some time, there hasn’t been anything anywhere near as good for Android – until now.

UberHype is an unofficial app that is essentially what The Hype Machine would create if it launched on Android, allowing you to stream new and popular songs being shared on music blogs via a great-looking player interface.

You can log in using your Hype Machine account, giving you access to songs you’ve marked as favorites, and your friends’ favorite songs. Additional features include the ability to open up the blog post that orginally shared the track you’re listening to as you stream it so you can read the story behind the music.

You can also search the music blogosphere for any artist or song you’re interested in hearing. If you like the tracks shared by a particular blog, you can subscribe directly from the app to get future songs sent straight to your feed.

In short, Uberhype is a beautifully executed app, and existing Hype Machine users or not, it should get Android-using music-obsessives more than a little excited. It’s a free download.


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