Visual Grub is a slick Mac desktop client for Instagram

Visual Grub is a slick Mac desktop client for Instagram

The great part about Instagram is that you can pick up your iPhone at any time and see an awesome stream of photos, carefully filtered by one of your friends or the members of the Instagram community.

Unfortunately, that’s the bad part too. When you’re on your computer, the only way to catch your friend’s latest Instagram shots are by seeing them fly by on your Twitter timeline or Facebook Newsfeed.

Visual Grub brings most of the Instagram experience to your desktop, sans actually taking and sharing your photos.

A perfect app to always have running in the background

If you’re a loyal Twitter app user, the user interface of Visual Grub is something you’ll be accustomed to. All of your friend’s photos stream in real-time, as well as your favorites and most popular on the Instagram platform.

If you want to interact with a photo, or take a closer look at one, simply click on it and a larger size with its comments and list of who liked it will show.

Instagram happens to be one of my favorite iOS apps, but I get tired of staring into the tiny iPhone screen. Since there’s no native iPad version, it gets frustrating to be stuck inside of the little iOS box all of the time. Luckily, Visual Grub has used Instagram’s API to do exactly what I was looking for. One of the nice parts of the app as well, is that once the photos are streamed in real-time, they’re saved to your hard-drive for offline viewing.

The next time I’m about to hop on a plane, I’ll be sure to grab all of the latest photos from my Instagram stream for untethered viewing.

Visual Grub

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