Team Stream is the best damn sports app, period

Team Stream is the best damn sports app, period

Most news aggregation apps are for techies. Pulling in your favorite technology news is facilitated by a whole host of apps, but for us sports fans, we’re not so lucky.

Popular sports news aggregation site Bleacher Report has its own app that makes following all of your favorite teams a breeze.

The iOS app Team Stream is gorgeous, and easy to set up. Simply pick all of your favorite teams and news will be sent right to your iOS device.

Ready, Down, Hut Hut Hut

As soon as you open the Team Stream app it will ask to pick up your current location. Teams around you will be shown at the top if you happen to live in a city where you follow the local teams.

I’m from Philadelphia, and follow all things Philadelphia. Currently, I visit and to get my news, but Bleach Report’s curators do an awesome job of pulling all team news into one place, and then displaying them inside of the Team Stream app.

Once you’ve chosen your favorite MLB, NFL, NBA, NHL, Soccer, Tennis, Golf, MMA, Boxing, WWE, Nascar, and College teams or players, you’ll be able to read all of the aggregated news about them thanks to Bleacher Report. When news happens, you’ll get a push notification, driving you back into the app.

Along with news articles and current standings, Team Stream pulls in tweets from players, coaches, and teams themselves, which makes for a nice steady stream of content for those who love to keep up with everything sports.

Upon downloading the app, I was alerted about three relevant pieces of team news within the first ten minutes. This might be a lot for you, so the app lets you turn the push notifications off.

If you’re a sports fan and crave news from all different sources, Team Stream is something you should grab right now.

Team Stream

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