BitTorrent launches preorders for µTorrent Plus at $24.95 per year

BitTorrent launches preorders for µTorrent Plus at $24.95 per year

µTorrent users on Windows who go to several different programs after downloading a file from BitTorrent to scan it for viruses, play back media or move it to mobile devices, may want to look into µTorrent Plus.

The new client has been in alpha state since it was first introduced last month, and BitTorrent is still mum about its release date. Nevertheless, it is now available for purchase on the company’s website at $24.95 per year. If you preorder it now, it promises to throw in a 6-month extension of service for free.

Here’s what you get for your money:

  • Built-in antivirus protection, so the app can flag a downloaded file if it contains any malicious code in it and shield you from viruses.
  • An HD media player with a bunch of codecs thrown in, so you can play any media files you download right out of the box.
  • A media converter that will re-encode your file into a format compatible with your mobile devices.
  • A remote interface so you can download content through the µTorrent Plus client even if you are not sitting in front of the computer it is running on.

BitTorrent says that the development of the free version of the client will continue unabated alongside the Plus version, so users who are savvy enough to handle separate antivirus protection, playback and conversion need not shell out the dough. And while µTorrent exists on the Mac as well, it is not getting entry into the Plus club just yet.

µTorrent Plus | via TorrentFreak

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