Magic Muggle Clock shows you where your foursquare friends are

Magic Muggle Clock shows you where your foursquare friends are

If you’re a fan of Harry Potter, I’m sorry to report that this foursquare app has nothing to do with either the books or the films.

What the Magic Muggle Clock does do is show you where your foursquare friends are based on the type of place of their most recent check-in.

If you’re not necessarily interested in knowing the exact location of all of your friends, the Muggle Clock displays check-ins by category, so you’ll be able to see how many of your friends are currently a store or eating at a restaurant.

It’s a fun visualization for foursquare that takes the data available on its API and displays it in a quicker and consumable way as opposed to the actual foursquare app.

Simply log into the app with your foursquare account, and Magic Muggle Clock will display a snapshot of what your friends are up to. It’s one of those “second monitor” visualizations like Arrivals and 4SQoogle, that makes interacting with foursquare on your desktop a source of entertainment.

The app updates in real-time, and it’s fun to watch the hands of the clock swing as your friends move from place to place with their check-ins.

Magic Muggle Clock

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