With Community Collection, fashion meets philanthropy

With Community Collection, fashion meets philanthropy

If you’re shopping for gifts this holiday season, or enjoy limited edition fashion, one site has paired something you’re already doing, with something you should be doing. Giving money to charitable causes.

The site Community Collection hand-picks the top fashion designers and sells their goods, while pairing pairs each designer with a different charitable cause for social good. Money from each sale goes to the charity, and you get a great piece of limited edition designer fashion. Everyone wins.

Here’s how Community Collection describes itself:

By getting “must have” merchandise from fashion and accessory designers you love, you also give back through your personal retail purchases. 20% of every purchase you make on our site goes to the charity paired with that specific designer. But it doesn’t stop there – we are committed to working with the charities to report back to you where your dollars went and the impact of your 20%.

It’s better to give than receive

Since launching on October 18th, Community Collection has raised $3,142 benefitting 15 different charities. The charities include American Cancer Society, Best Friends Animal Society, College Access Plan, Flying Kites Global, and Girls Inc.

The premise is simple enough and extremely powerful, since you’re shown how much of your purchase will go to charity, and which charity will be benefited.

Along with charitable giving, the site brings you exclusive items from such designers as Lulu Frost, and gives us an opportunity to learn more about the designer since each one has their own favorite charity. For each collection, a fundraising goal is set up, and the 20 percent that goes to charity is shown with each item.

If you’re already surfing the web to buy gifts for loved ones this holiday season, or even treating yourself, why not raise some money for charity at the same time?

Community Collection

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