This is the only app you need for Black Friday, and it saves trees

This is the only app you need for Black Friday, and it saves trees

If you’re a shopper, this time of year is your time. The adrenaline is rushing, your wallet is full of cash and credit cards, you have coffee in hand ready to stay up the whole night looking for that one great deal.

Why not get an edge by having all of the Black Friday ads right in your pocket? That’s what TGI Black Friday aims to do with its app for iOS.

The app is only useful during this Black Friday holiday shopping season, but so what? It does the job perfectly, showing you all of the deals from every major outlet categorized by type. It’s the perfect app to get an edge on all of those grandmothers looking to grab that Kenmore Side-by-Side Refrigerator out from under you.

Shoppers…start your engines

There are literally thousands of deals every Black Friday, stores are looking to get rid of extra stock, as well as turn a year of sad revenue around in one single day. Why not help them out by mapping out your plan of attack with TGI Black Friday in hand?

You don’t have to sign up for anything, just open the free app and start adding things to your list.

The products are broken down by store and categories, so you can shop by what you need, or what’s near you. The app is actually quite amazing in that it shows you how many deals each store has, so if you want to shop blindly, just pick the store with the most cheap stuff. Once you pick a store, you’re shown the categories of items. All features that you need in preparation of saving every last dime you’ve saved in your piggy bank.

Once you find something that you want, simply add it to your list. The app even has downloadable PDF versions of those pesky store inserts and coupons that fall out of your Dad’s newspaper. So the app actually saves trees. It also tells you when the store opens, so you’re not stuck outside waiting.

Black Friday is basically a holiday in the United States, so why not digitally map out your plan of shopping attack? All you need is this app, and thousands of dollars in disposable income. Just remember, it’s the thought that counts, so don’t break the bank.

TGI Black Friday

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