HeyCrowd keeps you busy answering questions from anywhere

HeyCrowd keeps you busy answering questions from anywhere

Taking surveys is a time-waster, and getting answers to your burning questions can help you make one decision or another. HeyCrowd is a beautifully designed app for iOS that serves both of those purposes.

VoteSpot is an app we wrote about that lets you set up a yes or no survey at specific locations, but HeyCrowd takes location out of the mix and lets you reach everyone on the service.

HeyCrowd has surveys broken up into multiple categories, ranging from Geeks to Movie Buffs, so you should be able to find a topic that interests you.

Hey Crowd, what do you think of….

Asking a question is easy, but the real strength of HeyCrowd is answering questions. The site itself isn’t as well designed as the app, but gets the job done. Unfortunately, you can’t send questions to Twitter or Facebook, from the site either, but you can do so with the iOS app. It’s a little inconsistent, but makes the app the focal point.

If you’re interested in taking a string of survey questions and enjoy instant gratification from participating, HeyCrowd is the service to stick with. One of our favorite polling sites GoPollGo would attract way more users with its own mobile app, so perhaps HeyCrowd can gain some traction.

I was able to get responses to my questions within five minutes, which is a great sign that the platform is alive with people ready for new questions.

I’m always looking for services to get feedback in real-time from people all over the world, and using Twitter or Facebook gets predictable after a while, since you’re reaching your same followers and friends. I get excited at the prospect of a budding social network built around content, making it simple for anyone to get involved. HeyCrowd has done that, and hopefully the company will clean up its website to better match the experience on iOS.


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