Savvy for iPhone gives you price protection for your holiday purchases

Savvy for iPhone gives you price protection for your holiday purchases

With the winter holidays closing in on us, shoppers in the United States will be looking for the best deals to make the most of the shopping season.

If you happen to purchase an item just before it goes on sale, most retailers offer price protection schemes which allow you to get a refund for the amount that the price has been reduced by within a certain period of time.

To take advantage of those reductions though, you have to keep track of the price of all those products you are buying and claim the refund when, and if, the price falls. You could do all of that, or you could grab the app for the iPhone from the App Store and have it do most of the work for you.

Savvy lets you scan receipts or bar codes through your phone’s camera or enter the details of a purchase manually. Once they are in there, it has tie-ups with 40 retailers in the USA that allow it to keep track of the price of those items. If they should fall below the price you bought it at within the retailer’s price protection window, you’ll be alerted to that fact, so that you can get your rebate.

Under the Deal Maker tab, the app allows you to select a product and enter a price for it that you would be willing to pay. If the price then falls below that amount, Savvy lets you know. A Watch List feature lets you keep track of things that you want to buy at some point in the future—just scan in the bar code and you can keep a tab on its price increases and reductions. Finally, under the Home tab, the app shows you the best deals of the day from its roster of retailers.

The service is currently in private beta and the iPhone app does have some rough edges, but it should make you a smarter shopper this holiday season. And it’s free, so go ahead and give it a whirl. | via Lifehacker

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