Minecraft Pocket Edition Comes to iPhone and iPad Today

Minecraft Pocket Edition Comes to iPhone and iPad Today

Minecraft, the insanely popular world building game for PC, will finally arrive on the iPhone and iPad today, reports Macrumors. The game, which allows you to mine for materials and build just about anything, from landmarks to logic machines, has been teased on the portable platform for some time by its studio Mojang.

The Pocket Edition incorporates many of the aspects of the full game, although it does not feature online play, which is a bit of a disappointment for me. You can build worlds together with others on the same WiFi network though.

The animals and creepers (the closest thing to enemies in Minecraft) are also absent in the portable version.

The game is already out in some parts of the world and should be arriving everywhere soon enough. When it’s live (in the US that will be 11PM EST), you’ll find it on the App Store for $9.99, and will run on both the iPhone and iPad.

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