Gmail for iOS Returns to the App Store – Notifications Work, But No New Features

Gmail for iOS Returns to the App Store – Notifications Work, But No New Features

You might remember when the Gmail app for iOS came out a couple of weeks ago. It was, in a word, terrible. The team almost immediately pulled the app due to crashing, missing notifications and other problems. In the time that has followed, the notifications have been fixed, but it doesn’t look like much else has happened.

On top of that, the notifications are…well…slow. I still have my Gmail loaded as an Exchange account and notifications via that function come in anywhere from 15 to 30 seconds before the Gmail app dings at me.

According to a post on the Gmail Blog, the team has heard the requests of the masses, and plans to iterate the app quickly from the version that’s available right now.

“In the short time the app was public we received a lot of helpful feedback and feature requests. This included requests for everything from bigger features like multiple account support to customizations like improved notifications and mobile specific signatures.”

In short, it’s still the same app that it was before – a web-based version of Gmail, wrapped in a native app covering. According to the team, “We’re just getting started with the Gmail app for iOS and will be iterating rapidly to bring you more features, including all the ones listed above plus many more.”

In the mean time, you can at least pinch to zoom on your messages, which is a nice option that we didn’t have with the previous version. Granted, chances are that if you’re like us, you abandoned the previous one before you ever realized that you couldn’t.

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