Are you a regular? Automate your foursquare check-ins with Auto4Sq

Are you a regular? Automate your foursquare check-ins with Auto4Sq

If there are places that you visit daily or even routinely and check-in using foursquare, you might want to automate the process. If you’re actually going to that place physically, then the the automation isn’t cheating.

Auto4Sq uses the foursquare API to let you schedule check-ins, much the same way that services let you schedule tweets or Facebook posts. Go to church every Sunday? Set that up as a weekly foursquare check-in using Auto4Sq.

It might sound lazy at first since the foursquare app isn’t hard to use or anything, but if you go to the same office for work everyday, it’s a bit of a hassle to take your device out and check-in. You also may forget to check-in as well, and you definitely deserve the credit for being there in your race to retain mayorship.

Become the mayor of your office

Scheduling check-ins is easy with Auto4Sq. The site prompts you to login in using your foursquare account, and then shows you a list of all of the places you’ve ever checked into.

Once you’ve chosen the venue that you’d like to schedule for routine check-ins, just pick the days and time that you’d like the Auto4Sq app to do so. You’re also able to set a shout and choose whether to send your check-in to Twitter and Facebook as posts. Unfortunately, you can’t set unique shouts for each day. I’d love to be able to set specific shouts for each day to keep things fresh. For example, I tend to check into the same Starbucks every day. I say things from “Stop. Coffeetime” to “#ineedcoffe”.

I could see Auto4Sq being useful if you go to work or school daily, and want to get out of having to repeatedly having to check-in. I could also see the app being used for gaming or cheating on foursquare, unfortunately.

When automating any type of social service, it’s important to remember that you set it up in the first place, because there’s nothing more embarrassing than sending out alerts to your friends and followers about things that you’re not actually doing. For example, if you have set up Auto4Sq to check-in at work, and you get fired, you might want to remember to delete it.


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