The Eatery proves itself to be addictive and effective after one million food ratings

The Eatery proves itself to be addictive and effective after one million food ratings

According to Massive Health, the company behind the app The Eatery, feedback has been rolling in supporting their project’s effectiveness.

Today, the company gave us some cold hard facts about how its users were unaware of their nutritional faux pas after amassing one million food reviews.

  • Willpower to eat healthy seems to degrade during the day. People start off eating well at breakfast, and losing self-control at lunch and in the afternoon.
  • It isn’t until people get home after work that we start to see them eating healthier again. Dinner, on average though, never regains the healthiness of breakfast.
  • In San Francisco, the pockets of unhealthy eating seem to be clustered in the financial district (stressed business lunches?) then spreading deeper into the more residential Mission and Hayes valley area at dinner.
  • In Europe, people in the United Kingdom seem to stray the most, starting off eating healthy but solidly in the unhealthy zone by the end of the day. It seems Oxford’s prediction that the UK will 80% overweight by 2020 may well be right.

According to the company, the healthiest meal most of its users eat is breakfast:

The company is seeing worldwide adoption of The Eatery, and shows healthy and unhealthy food ratings in a cool video that visualizes them by location:

The company tells us that users have let them know that foods that they first thought were healthy, ended up not being so healthy after all. The Eatery lets you check-in with everything you eat, and the community rates it on a scale of healthy and unhealthy.

If you’re not sure if you’re on the right nutritional path, The Eatery is definitely a must download app.

The Eatery

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