Trada brings its crowdsourced advertising powerhouse to Facebook ads

Trada brings its crowdsourced advertising powerhouse to Facebook ads

When you’re talking about online advertising, generally speaking you’re talking about PPC ads. While there are loads of options across the Internet for finding the best ways to produce and place your ads, one of the stand-outs from its inception has been Trada.

The Boulder-based startup has made a name for itself by taking a different route for designing and placing your ads – it uses crowdsourcing.

Trada has a veritable army of PPC experts who use proven analytics and technics to create ads that are designed to be different and thus eye-catching. The focus, of course, is to tap the wisdom of a crowd in order to come up with ideas that you might not otherwise find yourself.

As of today, Trada is taking this same methodology and applying it to Facebook ads, helping to not only drive more business to your ad but also in hopes of ending advertising blindness.

Ad blindness, if you’re not familiar with the term, is what happens when you get so used to seeing the same ads over and over again that you end up ignoring them completely. It’s an extremely common problem on Facebook, and Trada is aiming to change that drastically.

So not only is Trada hoping to bring in better results for its customers, but widespread adoption of this model could indeed increase the overall health of the Facebook advertising ecosystem. Better ads –> more clicks –> better pricing for Facebook.

Now, let’s take things one step further. Trada is inserting itself into the advertising chain, and as such it has the ability to take on a big risk, with a potentially huge reward —

“Trada offers the first performance-based model for designers. Trada’s marketplace enables Creatives to generate hundreds of relevant ad images for an advertiser while producing earnings on a performance based royalty for every click or conversion generated by the ad.”

Trada’s analytics for Facebook campaign performance gives the buyer a massive amount of information, and it does so in an easy-to-digest format:

Trada has had some amazing success with its crowdsourced advertising model since its inception, and it’s sticking with crowdsourcing, moving forward, whee others are simply investigating it. By combining the power of the crowd to refresh Facebook ads, Trada might just shake up a system that is in dire need of a refresh.

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