launches Flipboard-style app for music discovery on the iPad launches Flipboard-style app for music discovery on the iPad

Music blogs have been influential tastemakers for some time when it comes to breaking new acts. is a music discovery service designed to help users navigate the music shared by blogs in a visual way, and today it’s arrived on the iPad.

‘Flipboard for music blogs’ is the core idea here, with an emphasis on casual discovery. You can scroll through a range of genres, from indie to hip-hop and electro to chillwave. Tap on a genre and its most popular songs being shared by music blogs are revealed. From there, you can watch each song’s video where available, and read more by loading up the original blog post directly within the app. It loads the original Web page so there’s no content thievery going on here.

Essentially, this is a more visual version of what Hype Machine’s excellent iPhone app does with audio, but with video – turning the tastes of thousands of music bloggers into an easily consumable media experience. There’s not a lot in terms of features here, but why overload it? It’s a lean-back experience for a lean-back device. is an one-year-old Amsterdam-based startup. Ideas being explored for the future include an iPhone app; products for publishers, blogs, artists and labels, plus an app designed for TVs. We’re told “something special” is being worked on for Facebook at present. is a free download from the App Store. You can find out more at

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