At Libs lets you create 140 character Mad Libs on Twitter

At Libs lets you create 140 character Mad Libs on Twitter

Books of Mad Libs were my favorite thing to do in the car as a kid. Asking people for nouns and verbs to make up nonsensical stories that always ended up being hilarious was a fun time waster.

Doing a Mad Lib on Twitter seems like a hard thing to do with only 140 characters at your disposal. Enter At Libs.

At Libs prompts you for adjectives, nouns, and verbs just like the old Mad Lib books did, and prepares them for tweeting.

Filling out an At Lib

The site is extremely simple and well done. Just log into your Twitter or Facebook account, and you’ll be prompted with an At Lib that someone else created. Fill in the blanks, and let the fun begin.

What you fill out will then be turned into this:

You can then tweet your At Libs to your Twitter followers and let the hilarity begin. It’s amazing what a few prompts can do to spice up your tweets.

Create your own

If you want others to fill out your own At Libs, the app lets you create one which will be saved and served up to other At Libs users. By following the #atlibs hashtag that gets tweeted with each completed At Lib, you can find the people who filled yours out.

Sometimes its the littlest things that can bring us joy. Even Mad Libs books can be digitized and turned into a fun Twitter game. It’s a perfect Saturday morning Twitter game to play with your friends. Be warned, At Libs could take up the rest of your day, as its extremely addictive.

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