CitySourced helps you keep your community safe and clean

CitySourced helps you keep your community safe and clean

When you see something in your neighborhood that shouldn’t be there, you’re not always sure of who you should contact. Contacting the police for graffiti isn’t the best use of their time, so the company Freedom Speaks has created an app called CitySourced to collect local problems and issues. There’s a web version, and it’s also available for the Android, iOS, Blackberry, and Windows platforms.

Even if you’re not reporting issues around you, CitySourced gives you a great idea of how safe a neighborhood is or isn’t. The reports are submitted directly to your local City Hall.

Checking your surroundings

Opening up the CitySourced app immediately triggers your location to be requested. As soon as your exact location is picked up, you’re shown a map with red pins that are reports submitted from other people.

Each report is automatically assigned a ticket number, and the progress on the report is updated by the City Hall staff in your area. How fast a city acts is dependent upon the laws where you live, but this is an extremely efficient way to report nuisances, dangerous roads, and broken traffic lights. The app does tell you that if you have a real emergency, you should call 911 and even prompts you to do so with a button.

Reporting problems

The CitySourced app is really well designed, and lets you attach photos, video, or audio with your report. Obviously, the more information that you can provide, there’s a better chance that the issue can be resolved quicker. You can submit a report with your name and contact information, or anonymously.

During the submission process, the app will pick up your current location or let you enter one in manually. The app is really fast, so reporting something out of the ordinary is easy.

CitySourced will also alert you of changes to your submission, or alert you of happenings around your current location via push notifications.

If you live in a big city or community, you probably notice illegal dumping, noise pollution, and graffiti every single day. If you took a few moments to report those issues with CitySourced, you might help everyone around you find some comfort and newfound safety. I had a sneak peek at the Windows version today, which leverages the new Mango operating system. It’s really gorgeous, as are most of the new apps coming out for the platform. Being on all major devices as well as the web, is a smart move for CitySourced.

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