Tweetsheet creates a beautiful infographic based on your Twitter activity

Tweetsheet creates a beautiful infographic based on your Twitter activity

If you use Twitter a lot, you know that the service only lets you see so much information about yourself. Twitter displays your number of tweets, followers, and the people you’re following. Those numbers alone don’t paint a true picture of who you are on Twitter.

A service by Vizify called “Tweetsheet” aims to do just that. Unfortunately, since Twitter has slowed down usage of its public APIs, third-party developers haven’t been creating fun things on top of the Twitter platform for some time. This is just a teaser in advance of a bigger product from Vizify, we’re told.

Tweetsheet shows a beautiful interactive infographic based on your most recent tweets.

Getting to know the real Twitter you

After you authenticate with Twitter, the service quickly pulls in your last 3,200 tweets to display in an infographic. The unfortunate part is that more historical tweets can’t be pulled in as well, but that’s one of those rules imposed by Twitter itself. Hopefully, Vizify will be smart enough to store your data to strengthen your profile moving forward.

The infographic displays your previous month’s stats, your most retweeted posts, your geogrpahic impact, your best followers, and your favorite themes.

All of these stats are available via other third-party apps, but Vizify has done an amazing job at bringing them all together, and in a beautiful one page display. Best followers is a nice addition to statistics, showing the people who mention you the most on Twitter.

The information that Tweetsheet gives you might help others learn more about you, and might teach you a thing or two about your own Twitter usage.

And there’s one more thing, notice the bird at the top? It’s a playable version of a certain Angry Birds game that we all know and love.

It’s a really nice touch to an awesome display of information. What does your Tweetsheet say about you?

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