140Facts packages shareable nuggets of interesting into Tweet sized bites

140Facts packages shareable nuggets of interesting into Tweet sized bites

I follow a lot of accounts on Twitter for business reasons, to stay on top of the news and keep up with the tech world. But there are a few that I follow just for a laugh or because they Tweet interesting things.

140Facts is a site that is jam-packed with only interesting Tweets, period. Every entry here is a cool fact or interesting anecdote that is conveniently packaged as a 140 character Tweet, ready for you to pass on.

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There are some great ones here, some text, some with images. I did not know, for instance, that the image in the original ‘The Facebook’ header was none other than Al Pacino.

Also another neat fact, Forest Whitaker passed on Lost to direct First Daughter with Katie Holmes…not a good trade.

It sort of reminds me of email chain letters that you get from your aunt, but less annoying. Because Twitter presents all of the messages people are sending in a constant stream, you’re free to ignore or pass over anything you find un-interesting, without having to process the subject and delete or archive an email.

So this makes Twitter a better place to share random cool facts overall, but please, don’t abuse the privilege. I don’t think anyone wants Twitter to become the spam folder where all of the emails from your family go.

You can check out all of the cool facts at 140Facts.com.

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