MyWakeUpTunes wakes you up with your favorite song and Instagram photos

MyWakeUpTunes wakes you up with your favorite song and Instagram photos

Waking up isn’t my favorite part of the day. For the most part, I rely on my iPhone’s built-in alarm. There isn’t much customization to be had, just the sounds that play.

MyWakeUpTunes‘ latest iOS release allows you to wake up with all of the information you need in the morning. Along with your favorite song, the app will display weather and a stream of Instagram photos. Being engaged with information like that makes it likely that you won’t tap the snooze button.

The app is really well designed and easy to use, and costs $.99 cents. Of course you don’t have to only use MyWakeUpTunes to wake you up, the app serves as a great notification for meetings or other reminders.

Setting up an alarm

When you set up your alarm, you can let the app decide what time of the morning you should get up, thanks to its location feature. You can set it for any time, and choose what song you get woken up with.

Not only can you choose a song from your iTunes library, you can use DURVIC (Duration and Volume Increase Control) technology to pick which part of the song will wake you up, and how the song will get increasingly louder after its initial alarm. This is a nice twist that will help you figure out how to wake up without being grumpy.

Viewing Instagram photos

Not only will you be woken up to music, the display on your device will greet you with weather and if you choose them, Instagram photos from your stream.

Simply go into the MyWakeUpTunes settings and log in with your Instagram account. You can choose to show your own photos, popular photos, or photos from your Instagram stream.

If all of that isn’t enough for your wakeup pleasure, you can also share the event with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr. I guess nothing is TMI at this point, so why should the time that you wake up and the song you’re listening to be any different?

Of all of the APIs available on the web right now, the Instagram is a hot one. With a community that holds the app dear, other developers are recognizing it and integrating Instagram’s photos quickly.

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