Halftone for iOS takes photo editing and filters to a new level

Halftone for iOS takes photo editing and filters to a new level

If you’re looking for fun things to do with the three thousand photos you’ve taken on your iPhone and filters just aren’t doing it for you anymore, Halftone might be worth a look.

App developer JuicyBits Software wants you to turn photos into fully interactive comic-esque designs with its app. You can then send the photos to most social networks and other apps that have photo sharing.

Halftone is really fun, and works on iPhone, iPod, and iPad beautifully. It’s .99 cents and will reinvigorate your camera roll instantly.

Editing photos

Once you open a photo, you’ll be able to edit it in a number of ways. You can choose the style of caption in your photo and even what type of paper effect your photo has.

The real fun starts with adding stamps and speech bubbles though. These features really let you tell a story through your photo that a simple filter can’t. The Halftone design and user experience is impressive, even letting you control where the speech bubbles are pointing too. The result is a fully customized photo worth sharing everywhere.

Share your creation

did something really smart with its sharing options. Halftone has a feature called “Send to app”, which will automatically send your Halftone image to supported photo sharing apps that you have installed. Instagram, Camera+, and Color Splash are some of the supported apps. I’d like to see the developer add as many as possible, as I have quite a few different photo apps on my phone.

Of course, you can send out your photo to Twitter, Facebook, Email, or save it to your album.

The company has posted a short walk through of the Halftone app:

Apps like ToonCamera and PicSay let you do some of what Halftone lets you do, but this app wraps it all up together nicely. It’s worth the .99 cents if you’re looking for something to do with all of those photos.

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