Instapuzzle for iPad turns popular Instagram photos into a puzzle

Instapuzzle for iPad turns popular Instagram photos into a puzzle

In a quest for more things to do with photos, we’ve uncovered Instapuzzle for iPad. The app takes popular photos from Instagram, using its API, and turns them into beautiful full-screen puzzles for you to assemble competitively.

The Instapuzzle app uses Apple’s Game Center to track your scores and share them with friends.

If you’re a fan of puzzles and photos, this app might be worth the $1.99.

Starting a new puzzle

Instapuzzle shows you the most popular Instagram photos at that moment and lets you choose which one you’d like to turn into a puzzle. It’s pretty impressive how quickly this happens, as you can start a new puzzle in moments.

Once you’ve chosen your photo, you can pick how small the pieces of the puzzle are. This acts as your difficult setting. Personally, I could barely work with the large pieces, as its been a while since I put a puzzle together.

You can tap the preview button whenever you like to remind yourself of what the full photo should look like.

The unfortunate thing is that Instapuzzle doesn’t let you log into Instagram to turn your own photos or photos from friends into puzzles as well. I can’t see why this would be a lot of work for the developers, Vizros. The Instapuzzle app would increase in value immediately with that feature.

Playing against friends

As you’re putting the puzzle together, you’re timed. Once you’ve completely a puzzle successfully, your score is logged into Game Center to share with your friends. Your friends can then play the same puzzle you did to beat your score. Obviously, getting your friends onto Game Center first might be a hurdle, but once you’ve done that you’re set for some puzzle wars.

I’m truly hoping that an update comes out for Instapuzzle allowing you to turn your own photos into puzzles, but this app is really worth the $1.99 if you like spending time figuring out what pieces go where. Luckily, the Instagram photos that do get popular are usually very stunning, so there won’t be a problem picking a photo suited for a puzzle.

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