tells you when it’s time to hit the hay tells you when it’s time to hit the hay

We all know what time we have to get up in the morning, but what time should we go to sleep? I personally tend to go to bed later, the earlier I have to get up.

A small web app called, is a “bedtime calculator”, which tells you when it’s a good time to fall asleep, based on when you have to wake up. We’re not sure how scientific this is, but the app says: works by counting backwards in sleep cycles. Sleep cycles typically last 90 minutes.

We’re sure there is some reasoning behind this.

There are similar apps out there like Sleeptiming, and Lunesta’s own Sleep calculator, but doesn’t hit you with ads and intrusive banners.

Zee, who is our new CEO at The Next Web, won’t need this app as he will never get a chance to sleep.

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